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Discover all the outsourced HR services to grow your company

Outsourced HR: Focus on Growing Your Business

Highlights Human Resources is by far the most complicated area that companies have. As a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to balance growth with managing employees and complying with regulations and laws. And as your business...

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Learn the HR Best Practices in this Article

HR Best Practices to keep your company growing

Highlights Over the past few years, we have seen swift and continuous change in the corporate world. The proliferation of remote and hybrid work models, the increased emphasis on mental health, and technological advancements are transforming work environments, processes, and...

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5 Ways To Increase Sales During Slow Seasons

The holiday season is long gone and as spring begins to turn into summer, sales slowly begin to decrease. So how do you keep momentum moving forward in a slow market? Merchants are constantly looking for new ways to incentivize their customers to...

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You Need A Smart Retention Strategy, Because It’s Not 2011 Anymore

I opened my email last week to see a message from a dear friend that said, “I resigned!!!! I pulled the trigger!!” My friend and I have talked FOR YEARS about her unhappiness and lack of engagement, about the corporate politics...

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Employee Retention – The Real Cost of Losing an Employee

For businesses to thrive in today’s economy, finding and retaining the best employees is important. This is especially true for small businesses and nonprofits competing with larger businesses, and larger budgets, for top talent.  Happy employees help businesses thrive Frequent voluntary...

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Ways Employees and Employers Can Benefit from a PEO

Partnering with a PEO carries significant benefits for employers, but every good business owner also wants to know how that partnership will affect his or her employees. Will it be confusing to have a different employer of record? Will they...

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IRS Again Delays Minimum Essential Coverage Reporting Requirement, And Other ACA Developments

Implementing Health Reform (updated). The Affordable Care Act imposes certain reporting requirements on large employers and providers of minimum essential coverage. Insurers, self-insured employers, and government programs must provide 1095-B statements to individuals and file copies with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...

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Understanding Small Business Obamacare Requirements in 2016

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, has had many business owners scrambling to figure out how it affects the organization and their ability to offer health insurance to employees. As small businesses try to keep talent within the...

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Taxation of Christmas Bonuses for Your Employees

Are you thinking of giving your employees a Christmas bonus, holiday bonus, or year-end bonus? What’s the best way to handle these year-end bonuses? Can they be handled ‘under the table’? Do you have to include them as wages on...

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Business Owners: What to do Before the End of the Year

9 Tasks to Complete Before 2016 1. Check and re-check your finances: If you aren’t an accounting expert, it would be wise to discuss your bookkeeping records with an accountant. They can help make sure you are on the right...

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Make Your HR Tactics Strategic

In his article Strategic vs. Tactical Thinking: Empowering the HR Professional, Hebe Lugo differentiates between the two as follows: “doing things right” is tactical thinking, while “doing the right things” is strategic thinking. The challenge for HR professionals is that...

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Obamacare Compliance Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

Obamacare Compliance Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore   With the Affordable Care Act (ACA orObamacare) now in full effect, employers and their health insurance advisers are adapting to a “new normal.” And while 2014 and 2015 have been the years of new...

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