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Legacy PEO Services

Safety & Risk Management

Safety and Risk Management

Reducing risk means increasing profit. Why? Because the most expensive part of an injury is the  time lost and the possibility of having to replace an  employee.  At Legacy, it’s  our job to mitigate risk, manage the cost of insurance premiums, and handle the return to work process.  Our Risk Management and Safety Department is staffed with  licensed and certified professionals who provide the highest level of service. Legacy   minimizes the impact of  injured workers, oversees medical expenses, and reduces potential fraudulent claims.  We help with:

Claims Management

  • Personalized claim management
  • Claim reporting and follow-up
  • Maintaining communication
  • Back-to-work programs
  • Fraud investigation
  • Nurse case managers

Workers' Compensation

  • No depositions
  • Pay-as-you-go premiums
  • Complete post-accident management 
  • Insurance certificates at a moment’s notice
  • Access to the best U.S. carriers

Loss Prevention Services

  • Initial worksite risk assessment
  • Loss reduction strategies 
  • Safety training and programs
  • OSHA consultations
  • Continuous onsite risk analysis
  • Accident reporting and investigations

Stay Safe and Protected with Legacy

 When you hire Legacy as your PEO, you can rest assured that you have full-service safety professionals at your side. We provide every training imaginable, as well as jobsite visits, OSHA courses, and customized safety plans specific to your company and its goals. Legacy will  set up your safety protocols so you can focus on growing your business.

Questions about Safety or Risk Management?

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