Legacy PEO Services

Companies with a PEO have a 9% higher growth rate and a 30% lower employee turnover rate. Here is why . . .

With our PEO services you can rest assured that you have the best safety net and back office administration money can buy. We become "Co-employers" with your company, removing some of the liability and administration associated with having employees, allowing you to effectively manage and grow your business. We can give give you the most valuable asset a business owner has... time!

Did you know, Companies with a PEO have a 50% lower Failure Rate?
A company’s ability to survive and profit increasingly hinges on the degree to which it can manage its employees more effectively than its competitors. According to the SBA the total cost of federal regulations alone for small businesses has increased to $10,585 per year, which is 36% higher than larger employers. Payroll, quarterly taxes, federal regulation, business insurance, compliance, and employee benefits; do them well and your business will run smoothly. Get them wrong and you could face penalties, dissatisfied employees, and even litigation. Being in business is risky enough. Let us help you manage the avoidable risks.

Our PEO Services can help you in the following ways:

  • Unemployment Claims and Rates
  • Human Resource Assistance
  • Handbooks and Office Trainings
  • Time and Attendance
  • Provide Better Benefit packages
  • Unlimited Insurance Options
  • Payroll and Tax Payments
  • Direct Deposit and Online Access
  • Workers Comp Claims Management
  • Stabilize and Control Costs
  • Saves you time and Paperwork
  • Federal and State Compliance
  • Reduces Turnover
  • Attracts and Retain Better Employees
  • Variety of Safety Trainings 
  • Access to some of the best insurance carriers in the nation
Approximately 3.5 million employees are part of a PEO relationship with their employer,  Legacy is truly your one-stop-shop for your insurance and back office support needs. Our tailored and personal service approach is what sets us apart from our competitors, so lets see if we are a perfect fit.