Human Resources and
Regulatory Compliance

Chances are, you didn't start your business to do employment-related paperwork and keep up with regulatory compliance.... well, we did!

Most small to medium sized businesses typically have a "bare bones" Human Resources functionality, which focuses on the most basic needs: hiring employees, getting them paid on time, and navigating the complex world of taxation. Even these basic functionalities can be time-consuming, distracting, and involve a significant potential risk if not executed correctly. Bottom line is these smaller companies are subject to the same economic forces to compete in the same marketplace as much larger companies. So why not have the quality of HR resources as them?

"This is one of those rare instances that is both cheaper and better. It is a big burden on a local HR manager to know everything."
- Peter Capelli, Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania

 Employees in a PEO arrangement have access to a broader array of HR-related benefits and services. Yet PEO clients spend less on HR administration than similarly-sized peers, freeing up money that can be reinvested in the business. It is estimated that PEO clients can enjoy a 21% savings on HR Administration. Call us today to see how we better manage your HR needs so you can focus your efforts on strategy and growth.